Inserting threads into metal

Economical assembly solutions for the field of thread technology

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Thread reinforcement and repair

We are specialised in reinforcing and repairing threads in metals. To do so we apply proven technologies such as screwing in HELICOIL® thread inserts or KOBSERT® threaded bushes into metal.

  • HELICOIL® plus

    HELICOIL® thread technology

    Assembly of coil thread inserts

    HELICOIL® thread inserts create high-strength fastenings in metal low-strength materials and have been well established on the market for about 50 years.


    KOBSERT® thread technology

    Assembly of threaded bushes

    KOBSERT® threaded bushes are the ideal solution for creating high-strength, vibration-resistant and torsion-proof nut threads in metal low-strength materials.


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