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Automotive industry

As a leading system supplier for fastening and assembly technology and as an international service provider, Böllhoff is a recognised partner for automotive manufacturers and their suppliers.
The Böllhoff approach focusses on classical core areas of cars. Seven modules give you an introduction into our solutions for fastening and assembly technology. Join in.


The automotive industry is still one of the most important branches of industry and a pulse generator for many other industries.
Innovative ability and technical potential are the basis for OEMs' and suppliers' chances of success. Böllhoff rises to this challenge thanks to decades of experience in development in different industries - always focussing on the automotive industry. Böllhoff offers market-oriented products and services and supplies without delay.
Cars are all about mobility - but also flexibility. They guarantee the character of a modern society - to be a mobile society.



Your requirements – our products


Today, the interior is a decisive differentiation criterion for every car brand.
Customers increasingly wish for individuality and customisation. That is why over the last years OEMs have considerably increased their range of trim lines.

The passenger compartment is composed of the most diverse segments ranging from passenger protection systems such as airbags to the instrument panel. Functionalities and the number of materials applied in the interior are rapidly increasing.
Under these aspects, Böllhoff can position itself accordingly thanks to its application competence.

Selected fasteners for the Interior module

Engine and aggregates

The engine is the heart of the car and at the same time innovation driver.

Continuous further development is of decisive importance since, in the medium term, the internal combustion engine will continue to be the main drive source in a car. The reduction in CO2 emissions and the development of fuel efficient engines will also in the future have high priority.

Variable valve controls or cylinder cutouts are examples of recent innovations. Böllhoff wants to make its contribution with innovative fasteners.

Selected fasteners for the Engine and aggregates module

Body structure

For several years, lightweight construction and passenger safety have been playing a decisive role in the conception of new vehicles. In this development process, alternative materials and technologies are employed.

All in all, thanks to the development of a great number of new steels (e. g. multiphase steels), steel remains the dominant material in the body structure. Materials such as aluminium and magnesium will gain in importance.

Due to progressing hybrid constructions, joining technology is an important aspect for body construction. Also in this segment you can rely on Böllhoff as your partner.

Selected fasteners for the Body module

Body (exterior)

There is no more distinctive characteristic of a car brand identity than the body shell. Even car mounting parts become important design elements.
New production processes and materials, especially lightweight materials as well as plastics, enhance the constructive degree of freedom.

As a basic principle, the exterior can be subdivided into three segments: steel modules, plastic body shell modules and technology modules. With respect to all three segments, Böllhoff has the required know-how in fastening technology.

Selected fasteners for the Body module


    Easy compensation of tolerances?

    FLEXITOL® systems for automatic compensation of production tolerances

    FLEXITOL® in detail
  • Blind rivet nuts

    Creating threads on thin-walled components?

    RIVKLE® blind rivet nuts and studs for stable threads

    RIVKLE® in detail
  • Custom-made parts

    Turned, punched or bent?

    Products and special parts, as well designed according to customer-specific drawing

    Customer-specific special products and custom-made parts

    Self-piercing riveting instead of spot welding?

    RIVSET® high-strength joining of steels, aluminium and plastics without loss of performance

    RIVSET® in detail
  • HELICOIL® plus threaded inserts

    Strong thread?

    HELICOIL® thread inserts for thread reinforcement in metals and composite materials

    HELICOIL® in detail
  • AMTEC®

    Threads in plastics?

    AMTEC® metal inserts for thread reinforcement

    AMTEC® in detail

    Vibrations and noise?

    SNAPLOC® decoupling plug-in connection

    SNAPLOC® in detail

    Thin-walled components?

    RIVQUICK® blind rivets for components with one-sided accessibility

    RIVQUICK® in detail
Drive train

Vehicle dynamics and ride comfort - increasing customer requirements which also concern the drive train. The drive train is of decisive importance for the perception of a car brand.
Higher power density combined with lower fuel consumption is still a current demand.

As a consequence, innovative and brand-differentiating drive concepts are being developed.
Böllhoff's wish is to support and to contribute its competence in fastening technology - the sooner the better.

Selected fasteners for the Drive train module

Running gear

In the Running gear module, the technology drivers are increasing safety, environmental and comfort requirements. A main requirement is the reduction in fuel consumption.
Considerable cost and weight advantages can be achieved by reducing sheet thicknesses. In the future, the use of aluminium and high-strength steel will increase.

Trendsetting suspension and damping systems, the electrification of brake and steering systems as well as system-integrated mechatronic modules are the prevailing topics when it comes to the running gear. Böllhoff wants to make its contribution with innovative fasteners.

Selected fasteners for the Running gear module

Electrical / electronic equipment

Automotive electronics - a key subject. Electronic systems and components are becoming ever more important for the future of automotive engineering.
The development of control devices is proceeding at an incredible pace. On average, there are two to three dozens of electronic control devices in a mid-range car - each consisting of 200 to 300 parts.

With an increasing dimension, the Electronics module is not only becoming more complex but also more demanding. A challenge that Böllhoff is happy to rise to and can offer you solutions in fastening technology.

Selected fasteners for the Electronics module

Supply chain

Join us in developing the perfect supply chain for you!

Global competition results in high cost and innovation pressure. Ever shorter model cycles combined with a growing model diversity and the satisfaction of different customer needs are the special challenges of the automotive industry.

Suppliers increasingly focus on cross-company cooperation as a strategic partnership with distinctive development, production and logistics competence. As a full-range and system supplier, Böllhoff offers products and services for every part of the automotive supply chain.

  • Research and development

    Research and development

    • Knowing future trends
    • Innovation management by own R&D
    • Application engineering
    • Up-to-date CAE technology
  • Purchase and logistics

    Purchase and logistics

    • Reduced number of suppliers
    • Optimised internal processes
    • Standardised and optimised C-parts
    • 100% readiness to deliver
  • Production


    • Acceleration of your production and assembly processes
    • Diverse assembly solutions
    • Recognised production planning know-how
  • Quality


    • Certified quality management
    • Certified testing laboratory according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025
    • Certified environment management according to DIN EN ISO 14001
    Certificates & standards

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Automotive industry

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